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Bluegrass Sportsplex: PLAY AT THE PLEX

Registration for Adult Volleyball at Bluegrass Sportsplex is OPEN NOW! To register your team, head over to To celebrate, we are recapping out cover feature: For the athletes, Bluegrass Sportsplex provides a state-of-the-art facility in which to excel. Parents have the opportunity to enjoy their children's' journies by providing multiple viewing areas to cheer them on during practice and games plus fun ways to get involved. For those renting the facility, you'll have first-class service and plenty of space to host your event. Above all, Bluegrass Sportsplex gives an experience that will make you feel at home, welcome at every turn. Read on for everything you need to know about "Playing at the Plex!" and bios on businesses located within the Sportsplex. Cover Feature Photos by Sampley Brothers.

Bluegrass Sportsplex is amazing in its own right, but there is so much more happening behind the scenes. The facility is built on dreams held tight by families in our community. Rick and Louise Davis traveled with their son Todd throughout the country for soccer while he was growing up. Rick has dreamed of opening the indoor sports facility for over 30 years since Todd was a kid playing sports in our community. The dream came to fruition in June of 2018 at the groundbreaking of Bluegrass Sportsplex, a 103,000 square foot facility. Rick finally had the opportunity to open the facility he had always dreamed of for his son, but instead with his son and daughter-in-law for his grandchildren and children and adults alike in Hardin County.

A dream that began with an indoor soccer complex has morphed into the premier indoor sports and events venue in Central Kentucky that it is today. Conveniently located near Interstate 65 in Elizabethtown, Bluegrass Sportsplex officially opened in January 2020 and is celebrating its first anniversary this year. The Sportsplex is home to a multi-use turf field, three full-size basketball courts which can convert into five volleyball courts, meeting and party rooms, concessions, and much more. The team at Bluegrass Sportsplex invites you to Play at the Plex — to get in the game whether you are wanting to learn, practice, play, or compete. A family business at its core, Bluegrass Sportsplex is managed by Todd's wife Cameron Davis and the whole family partakes in indoor leagues, barre classes, and gymnastics.

Adult sports at Bluegrass Sportsplex include Basketball, Soccer, Futsal, Pickleball, Baseball, Softball, and Volleyball. Youth sports at Bluegrass Sportsplex include Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Futsal, Pickleball, and Volleyball.

Come in and PLAY at the PLEX!


Quite possibly Kentucky's most loved sport, basketball is a popular league at Bluegrass Sportsplex. The facility has three full-size basketball courts available to rent for practices or pick-up games.


Calling all soccer moms — and dads — whether you're a lover of the game and here watch your children play, or you want to get in on the game yourself, Bluegrass Sportsplex is the place to be for indoor action year-round. Soccer is a great sport if you're looking to try something new; leagues include Co-Ed, Men's, and Youth.


Futsal is an exciting game played on a hard surface with a smaller, harder, low-bounce ball than a regular soccer ball.

Baseball & Softball

America's pastime, baseball — and softball — are fun for all ages. The facility is home to six batting cages and indoor training areas and hosts camps and clinics throughout the year.


With five volleyball courts, Youth leagues, training, camps, and clinics, Bluegrass Sportsplex offers something for every level of player.


In case you're curious, pickleball is a paddleball sport that combines elements of badminton, table tennis, and tennis. Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, much like a Wiffle ball, with 26-40 round holes, over a net.

How are is Bluegrass Sportsplex keeping you safe and healthy during the pandemic? They're diligently and routinely sanitizing all areas. All staff, trainers, and visitors must agree to follow proper social distancing guidelines. All staff and trainers will be wearing face masks. Anyone participating in an activity at Bluegrass Sportsplex must use hand sanitizer beforehand. They also encourage anyone visiting the facility who is not participating in a training session to please wear a mask while inside the building.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Justin Maddock, Director of Soccer for Bluegrass Sportsplex Academy on what he loves about Bluegrass Sportsplex and the positive impact on our youth and in the community:

"Coaching and teaching go hand in hand. Coaching allows me to help make an impact with all ages through soccer, and I love it so much because I get to nurture a love for soccer and being active in a time when technology is so big in the world. Being active is very important for our mental and physical health, and being active my whole life is a huge part of who I am. Coaching at Bluegrass Sportsplex allows me to share that same energy and love for being active, mainly through soccer, to others while allowing me to interact with people. I am very much a social butterfly, a "people" person, and the Bluegrass Soccer Academy allows me to meet all types of kids and families. We bring mental and physical help to the whole community of Elizabethtown and the surrounding Hardin County areas! The facility doesn't disappoint in any way. As we get through Covid, the community use and access will just continue to grow and I cannot wait to see it!"

In addition to the sports leagues offered by Bluegrass Sportsplex itself, the facility is home to Cornerstone Fitness, Crossfit Elizabethtown, and Central Kentucky Athletics. Each of these businesses represents another family, more dreams, and the desire to bring something special to our community.

Crossfit Elizabethtown

Owned by Mark Ignacio, Crossfit Elizabethtown offers constant motivation and support from like-minded athletes encouraging you to push yourself to new limits that you didn’t think were possible. Their professional trainers have over 30 years of combined experience in the world of fitness and sports coaching. We have expertise in personal training, mobility movement correction, oly/powerlifting, CrossFit, and sports specific conditioning.

The dream behind the brand: Mark had always had the dream of running a business and being his own boss. It’s just finding something you love to do and have a passion for. He was really into martial arts and fitness played a big role in his life. Eventually, that passion for fitness turned into a career as a personal trainer and then into a CrossFit coach at CrossFit Elizabethtown. He just wanted to make an impact on people's lives and do what he could to guide them to a healthier lifestyle. CrossFit Elizabethtown was established in 2013. The opportunity came up last year to purchase it and he jumped at the chance to fulfill his dream of being a business owner. It is a family business run with his wife Thue who handles the marketing and business side of things.

Central Kentucky Athletics

Central Kentucky Athletics, also know as CKA, offers recreational classes in dance, cheer, and gymnastics. The facility includes state-of-the-art equipment and trained staff. The classes they offer are perfect for children and teens of all levels of experience, and their programs are structured to help your children set goals and achieve their dreams. Their slogan is, "Stars Shine the Brightest at Central Kentucky Athletics, come shine with us!"

Central Kentucky Athletics

Call today (270) 401-4128 or find them on Facebook!

The Cornerstone Fitness

If you haven't heard about barre at Cornerstone Fitness, you might need to get out more. Cornerstone Fitness is a place to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit, Cornerstone Fitness provides more than a routine workout.

Jessi Clemons, owner, brings 25+ years of fitness and dance experience. She has been in the fitness industry for her entire life, but

  • Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Kentucky's first certified Foundation Training Instructor

  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

  • Recognized by The News Enterprise’s 20 under 40 in the category of Sports and Athletics for community leadership throughout the Heartland

Cornerstone is defined as something essential, indispensable, or basic; a chief foundation on which something is constructed or developed. At the cornerstonefitness their foundations are faith, fitness, fun and all things female!

The goal or vision behind The Cornerstone Fitness was to create a space for all ages, fitness levels, backgrounds, and walks of life to come together with a common goal of bettering themselves and growing stronger in mind, body and spirit. A come as you are safe place to overcome weaknesses and celebrate strengths. At the end of the day the desire is much more than movement or an exercise class, but an experience, a community of encouragement.

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Lots of love Elizabethtown!

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