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Ireland Heating & Cooling - Stay Cool Hardin County

Staying cool is a top priority during the hot summer months. Ireland Heating & Cooling has been delivering comfort to Hardin County since 1968—over 50 years of service to the area. They’re a family-owned business run by local Wayne Ireland. He and his wife Chrystal live here in Elizabethtown with their son and daughter, Jagger and Oakley, and their German Shepherd, Ellie. Ireland Heating & Cooling specializes in residential service and replacements for heating and cooling systems. We had the pleasure of interviewing Wayne on tips for keeping your cooling system in tip-top shape this summer season:


The biggest thing you can do to maintain your heating and cooling system is to check and change your filters monthly. This is a massive cost-saver because it can save you an unnecessary service trip. A lot of times, when technicians arrive on-site when a system is not cooling, they quickly realize that the issue is due to a dirty or clogged filter. You can locate the filter inside of the indoor unit or furnace. Be sure to check the size of your filter before heading to your local hardware store to find a replacement. Wayne recommends buying the standard throw-away filter as they should be changed monthly anyways. Sometimes fancy filters can do more harm than good depending on the type of system you have because they can restrict airflow or damage the motor, which leads to costly repairs. If you have checked and replaced your filters and are still having issues with your air conditioning, scheduling repairs can be done over the phone or online. Technicians can typically come out within 24 hours, although wait times can vary during peak season. The majority of repairs are completed within 24 hours.


Ireland Heating & Cooling installs hundreds of new heating and cooling systems every year. How do you know when it is time to upgrade? The first indication is repeated expensive repairs. If you have had to call a technician on multiple occasions, it is probably time for a new system. Second, if your electricity bill and operating costs are high, upgrading to a more modern system can save most households thousands of dollars over the years. Lastly, comfort issues within your home, which can range from high humidity and uneven temperatures to noise, are many times a reason to upgrade. If you think you may need an upgrade, Ireland Heating & Cooling offers free consultations and financing. Scheduling a consult is simple: You can call, text, or go online to schedule your appointment. Once an advisor has come out, materials are usually available within 24-48 hours, and installation is completed the same day.


Preventative maintenance is critical for heating and cooling systems. Transitioning from hot summer months to cooler temps doesn’t require any special care, although fall and winter months still require checking and changing filters. Preventative maintenance before the warmer months keeps your system up and running throughout the year.

Staying cool indoors this summer? We would love to see what you’re up to!

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