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Red, White & Blue 101: 4th of July Festivities

Thanks for clicking on our blog post! The countdown is on until the Fourth of July! In case you're wondering, this is definitely one of my favorite holidays. From pretty table decor and plants to "WOW" your guests from Danelle Fogle at Etown Florist to tasty hot dog recipes guaranteed to spice up your holiday from Kroger to cool 4th of July-inspired paper crafts for the kids from Courtney Ballard at HIP South... We've got you covered! Read on for everything you need for fabulous Red, White & Blue Festivities later this week. Fun photos from Morgan Worley Photography.

Red, White & Blue Table Decor With Etown Florist

Cheers to fireworks this Fourth of July! Kentucky sure knows how to celebrate and there is no better occasion than our country’s Independence Day. Do you decorate for the Fourth of July? Now is the perfect time to start, especially after being cooped up for weeks or maybe even months. Beginning outdoors with decor sets the tone for guests as they arrive at your home—and we aren’t just talking freshly cut grass. You need flags and lots of them. Whether you have a flag pole extending from you home or prefer to hang banners across your porch railing, everyone should know that you’re an American upon pulling in the drive. Small flags are an affordable way to line the walkway. Flags and banners can be purchased online or at your local hardware store. ETown Florist has a gorgeous selection of flowering plants in both red and white every Independence Day and offers delivery straight to your door. In addition, they carry wreaths for every occasion.

When entering your home, guests should be greeted with the fresh scents of summer. Another way to shop local and support small businesses is to purchase candles. All of the local boutiques and even Back Home Restaurant will have splendid candles to have your home smelling like Bluegrass Heaven. Bourbon scents are my top pick. Don’t forget your Red, White & Blue outfit with coordinating colors for the kids. Most of these businesses even offer online shopping and delivery.

Setting the table may be my favorite part of any holiday get together, and the Fourth of July is no exception. This year we are all about patterns—plaid and gingham are standard, but don’t be afraid to try something new. With Classic Blue being the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year, Independence Day decor is something to get excited about.

Use items you may have around the house, such as your grandmother’s ginger jars or good silver. Red placemats are an easy way to add in the bright hue. Pictured are items from my personal collection, but if you don’t have anything festive on hand, FINE House & Garden is our fave for local decor perfect to accent your table year-round.

Decorating early brings me joy and gets me in the holiday spirit. While fresh flowers are perfect for the occasion, lining your table with lasting green plants in wicker baskets can add life to any room. We selected plants from ETown Florist, and Danelle delivered them in perfect white baskets along with cheery bud vases. Add in some paper straws with stars and stripes, magical fireworks and All-American entrees, and you’re good to go for one of my favorite holidays of the year!

All-American HOT DOG Dreams come true

There’s nothing more American than hot dogs and hamburgers straight off the grill on a hot summer day. Toppings vary widely in the U.S. of A., and you may be a bit more grown up than “plain with ketchup.” We’ve compiled some of our favorite hot dog recipes to spice up, quite literally in some cases, your Fourth of July grilling game. Whether you’re having a star-spangled get together or just grilling for the fam this Saturday, these gourmet recipes are sure to be a hit. Which do you think will be your favorite?

Extra Spicy:

Huey Fong Chili Garlic Sauce + Fresh Sliced Habaneros

Island Inspiration:

Mango Salsa + Pineapple Chunks

The Big Dill:

Dill Pickle Spear, Yellow Mustard, Dill Relish + Fresh Dill Sprigs

The Buffalo:

Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese Dressing + Bleu Cheese Crumbles

BACKYARD Barbeque:

Your Fave BBQ Sauce, Poppy Seed Bun + Chopped Red Onion

Chicago Dog:

Poppy Seed Bun, Mustard, Relish, Tomatoes, Peppercinnis + Dill Pickle Spear

PAPER CRAFT COLLAGE by Courtney Ballard

Who’s ready for the Fourth of July? It starts with a pledge of allegiance to our flag and usually ends in a backyard with hot dogs, sparklers, and a drink or two. There are celebrations big and small in every community across the country. Whatever your plans may be, it’s time to party like it’s 1776.

Let's add a fun handmade decoration to your store bought stash this year. Collage, anyone? Coined by cubist artists Braque and Picasso, the term “collage” comes from the French work coller, or “to glue.” The movement emerged under these two artists, but plenty of others were inspired by their process. During the last decade of his life, Henri Matisse used painted paper and a pair of scissors to create some of the most influential pieces of his career. His cut-outs turned colored paper into plants, figures, animals, and shapes. Feeling inspired?! Ok let’s get started…


  • Colored Card Stock (or paint your own)

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • X-acto Knife

  • Glue Stick and/or Glue Tape

  • Striped Twine

  • Balsa Wood Strips

STEP 1: Plan your space. Get a rough idea of how big/small the letters will need to be to fit onto your chosen surface. You don’t want to run out of room or have lots of extra space once things are cut.

STEP 2: Sketch your letters. Don’t worry about perfection! The beauty of cut paper collage is in the personality of each shape. Use an x-acto knife to get nice, clean edges and work inside certain letters. Scissors can be used to cut along the outside of larger shapes.

STEP 3: Get organized. Lay everything out so you’ll know where to start gluing. Cut out extra shapes like stars and dots to scatter around any negative space you may have.

STEP 4: Glue, glue, glue. I find it helpful to work from top to bottom, making sure each piece is secure. Have I picked up a collage piece only to have half of it fall off onto the table? Sure have. Let everything sit for a few minutes so the glue can do its thing.

STEP 5: Attach your wood strips. Apply a generous amount of glue to the top and bottom of your collage piece and firmly apply wooden strips.

STEP 6: Measure twice, cut once. Glue each end of your bakers twine to the back of the top wood strip.  Allow for some dry time before hanging.

STEP 7: Proudly hang your cut paper collage…or gift it to your favorite host! Find a door, doorknob, or porch chair in need a patriotic touch, and you’re all set.

Wishing all you Yankee Doodles the very best this Fourth! xo Courtney 

Thanks again for reading along. Be sure to follow us on your favorite social sites: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to stay up-to-date on local events. If you are posting pictures of your patriotic get togethers, please tag us in your Instagram posts #elizabethtownlifestyle.

Don't forget, our Elizabethtown Lifestyle Issue 4 Launch Party is NEXT WEEK. You can register here.

Happy Fourth of July Hardin County!

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