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April 2020 Elizabethtown Blogger Spotlight: Fontaine Farmhouse

What better time to Blogger Spotlight a DIY Queen than Quarantine?! I couldn't have timed it better had I planned this. Our Issue 3 Blogger Spotlight is local remodeling magic-maker, Ashley Burnett of Fontaine Farmhouse. She knows it all when it comes to DIY renovations and is up-to-date on all of the latest trends perfect for your #healthyathome projects. Gorgeous photos by Morgan Worley Photography.

If you frequent our local Home Depot, you probably already know me... I’m the disheveled one roaming the aisles every weekend covered in drywall dust and paint. If you’re not a Home Depot regular, then hi! I’m Ashley ,and it’s nice to meet you!

Like a lot of the people in this town, my family settled here after my dad retired from the Army. Growing up an Army brat and eventually becoming a veteran myself has given me a deep appreciation for having strong community roots. I always knew I wanted my kids to have an idealistic small town childhood with friends they’ve known since they were old enough to walk; family right down the street; big birthdays; and a cozy, forever house that will always be “home” no matter how old they get or where their lives take them.

My passion for affordable, do-it-yourself home renovation started when my husband Tyler and I purchased our Elizabethtown fixer-upper about five years ago. We dreamed of turning that builder grade ranch with all of its flaws into a cozy farmhouse-style home. Even though we had a non-existent budget, very little know-how, and three kids under our feet, we’ve somehow managed to trial-and-error our way through updating nearly every square inch of our home. Renovation projects had become such a constant part of our everyday life that it just felt natural to share our journey and all the how-to’s we’ve learned along the way. Thus, the Fontaine Farmhouse blog was born.

I hope the blog inspires others to take on bigger, scarier projects. You don’t have to have the perfect house, a lot of money, or a background in general contracting to tackle your own fixer-upper (although being married to an electrician is a definite plus). Starting with one project and seeing it through is a great confidence builder and motivator. Our first project in our home was tearing out some clunky porch railing. It was free, it was easy, and it was oh so satisfying to see it go. I showcase creative solutions for adding character and functionality to a space without breaking the bank. Like using salvaged lockers by the front door if you don’t have a coat closet; or making faux brick panels look like the real thing with a little joint compound and some elbow grease.

Creating Fontaine Farmhouse has given me an amazing opportunity to help others, and for that I’m truly grateful. I couldn’t follow my dreams without the support of Tyler, our three amazing kids Josie, Reed, and Reagan, or my side-kick and spirit animal, Woodford the bulldog. I hope to run into you sometime, whether it be on the blog or at the Home Depot.

Follow Ashley’s blogger journey with Fontaine Farmhouse:

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Stay safe Hardin County!

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