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  • Giselle Smith

Driving Automotive Innovation and Community Growth

In 2015, Hendrickson, a renowned global manufacturer and supplier, opened

its Elizabethtown facility in the T.J. Patterson Industrial Park. This expansion not

only brought many new job opportunities to the area, but also paved the way for

professional growth within the community.

Specializing in crafting essential components crucial for vehicle performance

and safety—ranging from medium and heavy-duty suspension systems to

axle systems, springs, stabilizers, as well as bumper and trim components—

Hendrickson’s contributions to the automotive industry are robust. Central to the

company’s accomplishments are committed individuals such as Amy Brockman

and Shawn Lamosek, both integral members of the Elizabethtown team.

With a career spanning over 20 years in materials, purchasing and production

management, Brockman currently serves as the Production/Materials Manager at

the Elizabethtown plant. Transitioning from Hendrickson’s Somerset plant in 2022,

Brockman adeptly oversees production and material control functions, prioritizing

safety, quality, productivity, and fostering a conducive work environment centered

on workforce development. She said her alignment with Hendrickson’s core

values, notably integrity and a positive attitude, significantly shapes her approach

to creating an efficient workplace atmosphere. Working with the company

since 2005, Brockman touts Hendrickson’s pension plan, benefits, working

environment, education assistance, and opportunities for growth.

“Hendrickson advances people internally more than any place I have ever worked

before,” she said. “You just have to work for it, go above and beyond and show

that you are interested and ready to grow!”

Lamosek, a Manufacturing Engineer at the Elizabethtown facility, embarked

on his journey with Hendrickson in Canton, Ohio, before transitioning to the

Elizabethtown plant in 2015. Proficient in overseeing welding, coating, and

machining processes, Lamosek brings a diverse background to his role, including

internships at corporations such as Ariel Corporation and GE Appliances and a

Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Toledo. His responsibilities

encompass leading continuous improvement projects, offering maintenance

support and troubleshooting equipment—aligning seamlessly with Hendrickson’s

emphasis on innovation and operational excellence. Throughout his time at

Hendrickson, Lamosek said he has been able to pursue several opportunities

for professional development, including access to numerous training sessions to

advance his Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and robotics knowledge, along

with support to acquire his Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) certification.

“At Hendrickson, our departments work in close collaboration to achieve unified

objectives,” he said. “Continual support from Hendrickson has empowered me to

translate my concepts into tangible outcomes and drive process improvements.”


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