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  • Giselle Smith

Community Legacy and Local Ministry

Paige Hardin has intricately intertwined service and business within the community, with

HD Transportation in Elizabethtown as a major focal point. Over the years, the business

has evolved into a multifaceted entity offering flatbed, local/regional van, and shuttle

services in the automotive industry. Under the umbrella of Logistic Solutions, they provide

warehousing solutions, aided by their own asset-based trucking company.

As President of HD Transportation, Hardin said diversity defines his approach, necessitating oversight in various directions. His support for capable supervisors ensures effective issue resolution, driving the company forward. Hardin’s son, Tony, is also involved in the business, serving as Vice President.

With an initial goal of establishing a church, Hardin and his family settled in the region

in 1984. Within the community, Hardin said he found a place to nurture both his spiritual

calling and entrepreneurial endeavors. As the lead pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church in

Radcliff, Hardin spearheaded the founding of North Hardin Christian School in Radcliff,

which now has a student body of approximately 500.

Whether it is in business, through the church, or through North Hardin Christian, Hardin

said the local community has become home for his family over the past 40 years.

“The encouragement and support has been so valuable through the years,” he said.

“While many people are coming to our area as a result of their jobs, the difference for me

is that I choose to be here and I have never regretted that decision.”

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