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Behind the Scenes at Boss Lady Coaching: The Story behind Their Business

Tell me you know Megan Stith and Hollie Sexton. No? Well you should. This dynamic female duo have teamed up to coach boss ladies all over Kentucky's heartland. Whether it's landing a promotion, getting hired for a dream job, or leading change in the community, their proven methods can help clients achieve their fullest potential by seeking out challenges and running their life like a true Boss Lady. Here's a glimpse of their story.

When Megan Nickoloff loaded up all her belongings on a cattle trailer and moved to Payneville in 2007, she had no idea what would happen next. She was engaged to marry a local farmer and lived in a spare bedroom at her future in-laws’ home while she looked for a job. She knew no one, and while the people she met were very friendly, her limited network of relationships was limited and she struggled to find a job. It took over a year for her to become employed full-time.

Ten years later, you may know Megan as Megan Stith, a non-profit and community leader who founded Boss Lady Coaching LLC in 2017. “Despite the challenges I faced when I chose to make Kentucky my home, I grew so much from the experience,” said Stith. “I regularly had to push myself out of my comfort zone and develop new skills to be able to have the impact I wanted to make in my community.” Megan pursued a certification in professional coaching not with the intent to start a business, but in order to be a more effective teammate when she became President & CEO of United Way of Central Kentucky.

“I wanted to ensure I was fully developing the talents of my co-workers, as well and improving my listening skills. Although it seems simple, knowing how to ask the right questions is an art,and I turned to a coaching program for help," Megan shared.

Boss Lady Coaching began offering personal coaching and facilitation services to individuals and organizations, with a special focus on supporting women and young professionals.

“Women often come to me feeling stuck in their growth or careers," said Megan. "They know where they want to go but aren’t sure how to get there, or are struggling to decide what path they want to pursue in the future. I spent a lot of time studying fear and recognized the power women can have when they stop letting their mindsets hold them back. It is so rewarding to see how lives are changed when people become comfortable taking action beyond their comfort zones.” After serving clients across the country, there is now a waitlist for in-person or virtual coaching packages.

Boss Lady Coaching grew when Hollie Sexton shared the idea of starting a podcast featuring success stories of local women. Hollie, whose broadcasting career spans more than 20 years, brought the skills and passion needed to create a new platform for these in-depth conversations. 

Sexton grew up in Appalachia, beginning her radio career when she was fifteen years old at 100,000 watt station WQHY Q95FM. She has won numerous vocal competitions, even flying to Las Vegas for American Idol auditions. You will hear her singing at events for charitable organizations, MC’ing and broadcasting from community events. Hollie is a member of A.U.S.A., honorary member of the Central Hardin Fire Department, Honorary Dragoon, volunteer at the Hardin County Animal Shelter and Kentucky Colonel. She was honored to be a finalist in the Celebration of Service to America Broadcast Award. She is the mother of a son. She is also a host on HCEC-TV, host and producer of the Boss Lady Coaching Podcast, host of the “She Started It” indie film panel for local middle school girls, winner of the Fort Knox Gold Neighbor Award, and is a University of Louisville senior in the Radio and Television Leadership and Learning department.

The Boss Lady Coaching podcast is now in its second season and is sponsored by Fort Knox Federal Credit Union. 

Sexton took the lead in developing events, such as the She Started It film festival and women’s leadership panel, now in its second year serving middle school girls at Elizabethtown Independent and Hardin County Schools.

“Middle and high school students need a place to be vulnerable, laugh, ask questions and gain wisdom from women who have experienced failure and success in their careers, that is why She Started It is meaningful. When girls do not know their options, they are less likely to put a successful career and college plan in place in high school.  While every component of the She Started It event model is meaningful, the magic happens when students line up at the microphones to ask questions and engage with the panelists!” - Hollie Sexton

In fall 2018, Boss Lady Coaching published Braver By the Day: a Bullet Journal for Fearless Women. It is sold online and through Raiment + Boone, another women-owned local business. 

“At its core, Boss Lady Coaching is here to provide women with tools to help them develop habits of bravery," shared Megan. "That’s not something that can be done in any one way. It requires the messages we share through our active social media presence, the inspiring stories we tell through the podcast, tools like our Braver by the Day journal and personal coaching services, and relationships we build through events. We didn’t set out to create a community but that’s what’s developed, and that’s what we’ll continue to foster. Women are more successful when they help each other, and making our region a place where those connections are strengthened will benefit all of us.”

Megan’s last name is not the only thing that’s different since she first came to the community. She completed her Master’s degree, holds a certification in Negotiation Mastery from Harvard Business School, and now works in higher education leadership. Highlights of her career include raising millions of dollars for charitable causes and championing workforce development initiatives. 

“I’m involved in projects and partnerships I would have never thought possible when I moved to Meade County," said Stith. "The influence I’ve developed has been solely due to persistence and bravery, which means anyone who’s willing to work hard can follow a similar path. I want women to know that if I can do this, they can too.”

Thank you so much for tuning in this week. Learn more about Boss Lady Coaching at or on Facebook and Instagram. As always, we are so grateful to have you here at Elizabethtown Lifestyle! Stay tuned for more posts on local businesses and events.


Photos provided by Megan and Hollie.

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