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  • Giselle Smith

Bourbon's Backyard

HAPPY NATIONAL BOURBON DAY HARDIN COUNTY! This blog post should have aired in March, but coronavirus hit and here we are. No better time to share a bit about Bourbon's Backyard than #NationalBourbonDay. If you haven't followed Elizabethtown Tourism yet, you should, because they're the coolest. Check them out at @TourEtown – The winners of their Elizabeth-making contest were announced today! Congrats to Jessie Sampley & Lesley's Libations! Links to their videos in our stories.

They say Kentucky is the front porch to the South, well Elizabethtown is Bourbon’s Backyard. Experience bourbon like never in Elizabethtown. When you visit our backyard, you are completely enamored with the bourbon experience. From the perfect Bourbon’s Backyard Spotify playlist to original crafted bourbon cocktails, we have it all. Whether you’re looking for a drink with a kick like the Cannonball or a more classic drink like the Elizabeth, we have plenty of options for the bourbon lover. Pull up a chair, take a load off and head over to to start planning your next trip – we’ll save you a glass!

Not sure where to get started in Bourbon’s Backyard or on the Bourbon Trail?

Visit for everything bourbon in Elizabethtown.

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Lots of love Elizabethtown,

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