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Calling All Etown Podcasters

Cool things are always happening in Hardin County, but these content creators are putting their skillset and knowledge out into the world with podcasts shared far and wide across the U.S. Learn more about the shows here.

Let’s get the business! Joshua Thomas Babb is known as Cashmere Brown online. He grew up in Hardin County and was an artsy, athletic kid. He attended Elizabethtown High School, played sports, and has six brothers and sisters. The YouTube podcast “Let’s Get the Business” by Cashmere Brown is coming soon to your favorite podcast streaming sites. The channel launched eight months ago and is working on Episode 15. In a world full of negative news and foolish pride, Josh’s platform is based on showing his guests genuine love, an open discussion platform, sharing ideas, placing a deserved spotlight on people’s gifts, and giving flowers. Josh Brown is putting nice vibes out into the universe - believing that he has the charisma, popularity, resources, courage, and communication skills to host the platform to use his voice to spread love, positivity, display of intellect, art, entrepreneurship, and culture. For select individuals in the area, “Let’s Get the Business” gives a free platform to broadcast their talents, and abilities, and share their stories, plus an avenue to promote their brand, skill, and business. Building from the ground up, the channel was created on personal investments without sponsorships. “It’s been a bumpy process doing all the footwork myself without a team, but it’s also been enjoyable, informative, and inspirational. “Through the process, I’ve learned more about the promotion and marketing side of things. I plan to expand by networking consistently, growing an even larger audience, and building more relationships through spreading positive messages through my platform,” said Josh. He has built new and solid relationships, shared positive energy, and received loving feedback.

#LetsGetTheBusiness YouTube: Let’s Get The Business TikTok/FB: Cashmere Brown Instagram: josh_b5000


Gaining Interest is like a search engine podcast delivering quick conversations on the topics you want to know about. Powered by Legato Financial Group, every week, host John Ramsey sits with industry experts on the widely asked questions and topics you’re interested in. Our topics will vary as much as your imagination! We feature thought-provoking content like how to drink bourbon, enjoy the opera, become a pageant queen, and ride a horse.

John Ramsey has spent the majority of his career in television and radio. He was the host of “WAVE 3 LISTENS” on Louisville’s NBC affiliate for 13 years and simultaneously had the #1 rated sports show on radio (Ramsey and Rutherford). He co-hosts the podcast “The Ali In Me” with Lonnie Ali, produced by Universal Music Group (UMG).

Through shared interests, Justin and John became friends and decided to create a platform where people could ask questions and have answers from experts. Learning from each other and experts who know the answers makes for a fun conversation, and you walk away with value.

Introducing Jenn, the visionary CEO of Success Beyond and the vibrant voice behind the Success Beyond podcast. What began as a virtual assistant venture in 2018 blossomed into a comprehensive business management and marketing powerhouse by the fall of 2020.

Driven by a deep-seated desire to uplift creatives, Jenn launched the Success Beyond Podcast in the spring of 2020. With over 130 episodes to date, each Wednesday morning brings fresh insights spanning marketing strategies, operational excellence, and the crucial significance of self-care and mental health.

Join Jenn on a journey of education, empowerment, and inspiration as she continues to champion the success of entrepreneurs worldwide through her dynamic podcast and innovative business solutions.

Dr. David Yerkes takes a deep dive into the tangible tools and triumphs of high achievers on his podcast, “Daring Greatly.” It’s not just about feeling motivated; it’s about learning from real people who have conquered challenges in health, business, relationships, and more.

Dr. Yerkes taps into his extensive network of high performers such as renowned athletes, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and military leaders, who share their hard-earned wisdom with you. The show also incorporates solo episodes with Dr. Yerkes called “Office Hours” where he discusses optimal health and performance. Every episode is packed with practical advice and inspiring stories that empower you to unlock your full potential.

Inspired by Teddy Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena” quote, Dr. Yerkes emphasizes the courage to take action and the resilience needed to overcome obstacles. This podcastis your connection to a powerful network of successful individuals, ready to guide you on your own success journey.

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