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COVER FEATURE: Home & Holidays, Decor to Impress Your Guests

Thanks for clicking on our blog post! Tonight we are sharing our cover feature which includes some of our Elizabethtown faves: FINE House & Garden, Brantingham Builders and Elizabethtown Florist with gorgeous images by Morgan Worley Photography. We felt like now is the perfect time to share as many of you are already decorating for the holidays and the FINE Holiday Open House is tomorrow: Saturday, November 9 from 10:00am to 6:00pm at 104 N. Mantle Avenue, Elizabethtown.

Our cover feature was written by the owner of FINE House & Garden herself, Ange Deaton, on holiday decor and preparing your home for guests:

For our team at FINE House & Garden, the holidays mark one of the most comforting times of the year. Surrounded by cozy sights, seasonal scents and your favorite people means the ultimate chance to capitalize on your hosting skills. Whether it’s a small finishing touch in the guest bath or a table set for 12, the best details take time, but we’ll help make it easy. If you’re expecting guests for the holidays, here are a few FINE ways to make their accommodations warm and welcome.

We always begin with a full Christmas tree—quirky ornaments included. As you collect furnishings to complete the family room, think hospitably. Guests should find several handsome, comfortable places to sit surrounding the tree, perfect perches for opening gifts or respites after the last late-night coffee is served. Anticipating the latter, a good host keeps a set of coasters nearby (but never complains when they’re left unused). We mix and match coasters around the room, preferring collection over perfection.

"Cool earth tones pair well with the hearty greens of a well-trimmed, locally-purchased garland for the mantle. The remaining space features a basket for throws and a shelf of coffee table books on subjects you love."

The same can be said for the “littles” that fill the shelves and tables of the surrounding space. For an added nonchalance, we decorate for the entire winter season rather than the expected reds and greens of the holiday. Cool earth tones pair well with the hearty greens of a well-trimmed, locally-purchased garland for the mantle. The remaining space features a basket for throws and a shelf of coffee table books on subjects you love. Our favorite frames have aged texture, and their images tell a story all your guests know by heart.

In the dining room, the simplicity of stark-white plates and reserved service leaves room for a seasonal and patterned tablecloth or, if you love the finish of your dining table as much as we do, an appropriately-trimmed runner. The comfort and subtle prestige of cloth napkins never, ever goes unnoticed, even if the pie crust was purchased that morning. Once freshly-washed, place the napkins right on the plate, and we promise you’ll thank us when no silverware hits the floor.

Serving a full meal at the table leaves little room for a large centerpiece, but we love the timeless look of fresh greenery amongst the serving dishes, especially if you can spare a branch of hemlock or magnolia from the backyard. Candles are a huge help for casting a warm glow, but keep them grounded. Place them throughout the table at heights that keep them out of the greenery but below eyesight, giving them a few hours to burn before guests are seated.

If your guests are staying overnight, turn your attention to the guest room. You need fresh linens and enough bedding to layer up with personal preference. Check bedside lamps for functioning bulbs. The same applies in the bathroom where plenty of fresh towels and a basket of personal care items will exceed their expectations. Rather than a candle, stay away from flames and stick with a diffuser or scented room spray and a small arrangement of fresh, seasonal flowers.

In the rest of your home, be mindful of guests and make small adjustments to your furnishings and décor as needed. If small children are staying, remove breakables or items that may not be child-friendly. Keeping trip hazards clear or leaving easy pathways through your home’s busiest areas is certainly helpful, as is maintaining an inventory of simple items to fill the downtime. Good conversation is inevitable over a puzzle or a few decks of cards and always invites others to play. Happiest of holidays from the FINE family!

Are you behind on decorating for Christmas? ETown Florist can help: Holidays can be very stressful with getting gifts, planning dinners and visiting family and friends. Decorating your house or Christmas tree can be less stressful with the help of Elizabethtown Florist. Did you know they can customize any look, whether it be a new trend or a timeless family tradition? Elizabethtown Florist, with their skilled designers, will come to you with professional and creative solutions for all of your holiday needs. Contact them today to purchase a new Christmas tree, ornaments, swags and wreaths, or to schedule in-home decorating services.

Thanks again for reading along. Be sure to follow us on your favorite social sites: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to stay up-to-date on local events. If you are posting pictures of your Christmas decor, please tag us in your Instagram posts #elizabethtownlifestyle. This is truly the most magical time of year.

Have a FINE weekend Elizabethtown!

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