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Easter Egg Abstracts by Courtney Ballard at HIP South

Thanks for clicking on our blog post! We hope you're staying healthy at home this spring season. Now is the perfect time to DIY some Easter decor. Put a modern twist on traditional decorating techniques with this color-block technique from one of our faves: Courtney Ballard at HIP South.

Hello from Hip South! After a long, cold winter, I’m always so ready to welcome the spring season. Give me all the green grass, blooming flowers, and warmer days. The Easter holiday seems to kick off this lovely time of year, so I’m here with a simple egg DIY that will be sure to add a touch of fun to your springy decor. Eggs are the cutest little canvases!


  • Wooden Eggs

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Matte Modge Podge

  • Paper Towels

  • Paper/Plastic Bowls

  • Assorted Paint Brushes

Step 1

Choose a color palette for your dipped eggs. Think outside the box, stick to traditional pastels, or mix it up and use both!

Step 2

Mix a small amount of your paint with Modge Podge and stir. This process creates a glaze effect that will allow for sheer coverage and color overlap.

Step 3

Paint some of your eggs white, working with one side at a time to allow for drying.

Step 4

Jump in with color! Paint varied sections of your eggs, one at a time. Place eggs onto a piece of paper towel and allow to dry.

Step 5

Repeat this process with each egg, allowing your blocks of color to overlap and create new colors. 

I love these eggs! The subtle color variations between the different overlapping tones is so beautiful. Easter Bunny approved. Enjoy!

xo Courtney

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Happy Easter Elizabethtown!

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