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Elizabethtown Hardin County Industrial Foundation

Within the Elizabethtown area, over 10,000 individuals are gainfully employed by the local manufacturing sector. With the arrival of the emerging BlueOval SK Battery Park in Glendale, an additional 5,000 manufacturing jobs are anticipated. Creating a welcoming environment for top-tier manufacturing employers demands a joint endeavor led by seasoned visionaries, drawing upon community input and resources.

This is where the Elizabethtown-Hardin County Industrial Foundation (EHCIF) comes in. The organization has embodied this pivotal role since its establishment in the 1950s, when a group of interested Elizabethtown businessmen discussed the community’s heavy reliance upon Ft. Knox as an economic asset and the jeopardy posed by a reduction in military expenditures which was occurring at that time. Since then, EHCIF has helped attract an abundance of preeminent manufacturers to the region. EHCIF is led by President and COO Rick Games and Vice President Andy Games. The organization also includes a Board of Directors made up of representatives of various businesses, industries, community and educational organizations, along with local municipal and county leaders.

The foundation’s core objective is to generate employment opportunities and position Hardin County as a premier destination for advanced manufacturing, distribution, and industrial enterprises worldwide. A drive through Elizabethtown’s T.J. Patterson Industrial Park showcases the foundation’s success, evident in the diverse manufacturing facilities that are either under construction or have been employing locals for years.

“Although BlueOval SK has garnered substantial attention since its 2021 announcement, the narrative of substantial industrial growth in this area extends far beyond recent years. It’s a longstanding journey spanning over half a century,” said Andy. “The thriving industrial sector we witness today stands as the result of multi-generational efforts, stemming from foundational investments such as the establishment of our local community college and the inception of our industrial park. BlueOval SK signifies the unfolding of the next chapter in this enduring story.”

The story of Elizabethtown’s industrial sector is also one defined by international diversity. Manufacturers and service providers located in Hardin County have direct or indirect ownership in countries such as Belgium, England, France, Germany, India, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, and the Netherlands.

“Our achievements at the Industrial Foundation hinge largely upon our ability to showcase Elizabethtown’s distinctive advantages to a global audience,” said Rick. “The Elizabethtown region possesses a remarkable track record in embracing employers from diverse corners of the world, an expertise we will leverage as we prepare to welcome thousands of new employees due to BlueOval SK and ancillary developments. Our community’s strength lies not only in our industrial prowess but also in our rich diversity, amplified by our close ties to Fort Knox.”

With Elizabethtown poised for significant economic and community growth, EHCIF is taking proactive steps to embrace newcomers and support existing manufacturing employers by

launching a new website, Made Here Elizabethtown.

The website, which highlights both “Great Careers” and “Great Lives,” gives users the ability to access a directory of local manufacturing employers and job postings, while also

learning about aspects of the community including educational opportunities, the healthcare system, the housing market, the arts and entertainment scene and more.

“It is our hope that this resource provides insights into our community’s industrious spirit and the many opportunities we’re proud to offer,” said ECHIF Board Chairman Matt Hess. “Advanced manufacturing is alive and well in this community and as a result, there are plentiful career opportunities. And by extension of that, this is a great place to live and raise a family. While many residents recognize this fact, our challenge moving ahead lies in effectively communicating this message globally, enabling us to further enhance the ongoing rapid development within our community.”

The Made Here Elizabethtown website can be accessed at To learn more about EHCIF, visit

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