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#FeatureFriday House Doctors Handyman Service: Rules for Renovations

Thinking about home repairs or a remodel this summer? Now is the perfect time with gorgeous weather coming and get togethers on the horizon. Today is a perfect day for a #FeatureFriday on Franko Antolovich owner of House Doctors Handyman Service of Hardin County. We interviewed Franko for Issue 3, and he chimed in giving us some insight on House Doctors Handyman Service plus everything you need to know to get started on a project in this season below. Read on for the 411.


It’s usually the annoying little house projects that drive us crazy – the leaky faucet, the loose board, the too small deck… At House Doctors, our specialty is taking care of those smaller problems so you can enjoy your home and have a happier life. I’m Franko Antolovich, and I opened House Doctors with my wife Cheryl because we wanted to offer a higher standard of repair services to this community. Before launching House Doctors, I retired as a Command Sergeant Major after 35 years in the United States Army, including more than 22 years serving in special operations. I also have extensive experience in the home repair and remodeling field. At House Doctors, our professional, insured, bonded and trained handymen are here to help and every job includes a one-year labor warranty. Our technicians specialize in a wide variety of projects, including light remodeling and home modifications, repairs in bathrooms and kitchens, drywall repair and painting, deck, door and exterior repairs, aging in place and much more. House Doctors Handyman Service of Hardin County offers professional handyman services in Hardin, Bullitt, Jefferson, Meade and Nelson counties. Our team at House Doctors is focused on professionalism, service excellence and quality workmanship. Our goal is to make home improvements easier for our customers by being on time, doing the job right and offering a one-year workmanship guarantee.


Begin with Pinterest to gather ideas for your home renovation. While you won’t know exact prices before getting an estimate, it is important to have a budget in mind for your job. For large jobs such as bathroom remodels and deck construction, we set up an on-site visit to look over your ideas, refine the design and come up with a plan to give the look and feel you want within your budget. Most estimates can be completed within a week. Wait times to begin large renovations are typically three weeks, although the actual jobs are typically completed within 3-7 days. For most small jobs, we provide an estimate over the phone; there is no need to make multiple calls to different contractors. When homeowners call our office, we discuss their particular needs and can schedule a technician to come out that week at their convenience, whether it be to replace a faucet or repair drywall. We offer everything under the roof. The only thing we don’t do is roofing, but we use Above & Beyond Roofing. To get started on your project, call Angie at (270) 506-3430. When you call us, we will schedule you no later than the next week and oftentimes can do the same day or the next day.


We always want to make recommendations that are not only trending and in style but also won’t hurt resale value. We want to ensure the materials you select meet your needs in functionality as well as style. Our handyman technicians are experienced at making repairs, and also knowing what repairs need to be done, and which repairs can wait. We often have ideas; not all of them are good ideas. We stick with what is practical and will bring you joy throughout the lifetime of your project. We train our technicians to ask questions about what you want your final project to do, not just what you want it to look like. The end result and functionality are equally as important, if not more so, than just the look. We encourage our customers to voice any and all concerns to ensure we’ve met all of your expectations. Your satisfaction is our greatest concern. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not finished. We want you to enjoy your repair or remodel for years to come!

Have you been stuck in the house and realized your home needs some work?

Contact House Doctors Handyman Service for a quote:

270-506-3430 OR 502-791-9555

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend Hardin County!

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