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  • Giselle Smith

Finding Your Future at Fischbach USA

Fischbach USA in Elizabethtown is the world’s largest supplier of plastic

packaging for the sealants and adhesives industry. The company manufactures

and decorates cartridges used to package caulks, sealants, and adhesives that

are prominently displayed on hardware store shelves nationwide and used in

homes across the world. Elizabethtown has been home to the company’s North

American headquarters for over 30 years.

At the heart of this successful advanced manufacturer are its devoted team

members. The Elizabethtown plant employs over 175 team members, many of

whom have worked there for many decades. These team members are what

makes Fischbach USA special.

"Fischbach has allowed me to grow both as an employee and as a person. I am just a few short months away from celebrating 30 years at the company, and I feel very grateful and blessed. I’ve had several job responsibilities in the company, from entry-level production team member to a team leader in our screen processing operation, with many opportunities for promotion and advancement. Over the years, I’ve been able to pass my skills and knowledge on to new hires, and it’s been an honor to see them prosper and grow with the company as well. Throughout my tenure at Fischbach USA, these mentoring experiences have remained among my most cherished memories." -Sheronda Krentz

"I joined Fischbach as a machine operator in 2018. I realized that Industrial Maintenance was my desired career trajectory, and Fischbach sponsored my Industrial Maintenance degree and offered me a role on their maintenance team. This partnership has created a firm foundation for my future. The competitive pay at Fischbach has been a highlight and has been very motivating. Successfully completing projects has resulted in recognition and promotional opportunities - making every effort worthwhile. Fischbach’s support, combined with fair compensation, fuels my dedication to achieving excellence." –Aspen Brimhall

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