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  • Giselle Smith

Jamie Land Forges a New Career Path Through Lentus

Headquartered in Elizabethtown, Lentus stands tall as a master distributor in markets such as HVAC-R, plumbing, and power transmission, commanding a domain of premium products from renowned brands across the U.S. and Canada. Working to connect brands to markets, Lentus sustains vendor partner relationships with major brands such as Dow, Dupont, Lentek, and Lucas Oil. Helping to steer this vibrant hub is Operations Manager

Jamie Land, whose journey echoes a mosaic of experiences, from woodworking at Mouser

Cabinetry in Elizabethtown in his early career to serving in the Marines Corps Reserves and

transitioning to law enforcement before finding a new home at Lentus.

A Lexington native who moved to the area in 1989, Land’s pivot from policing to Lentus was fueled by a desire to spend more time with family. Before taking on his current role, Land served with the Elizabethtown Police Department for over two decades, retiring in 2019 as Chief of Police.

Land’s operational purview at Lentus spans the gamut—bolstering efficiency across production, warehousing, customer service, project and product management, and marketing. He said Lentus, a family-owned enterprise, embodies a familial ethos fostering camaraderie, entrepreneurial zeal, and unwavering trust among its team members.

“Long-term stability is prioritized, fostering a commitment to our sustained success and exemplified by our well-established presence in our community,” he said. The company’s culture, Land said, is marked by a relaxed environment, fosters creativity, and champions work-life balance. He said monthly team lunches and engaging activities forge a cohesive

and spirited workforce.

Reflecting on his life in Elizabethtown, Land commends the community’s virtues, praising its safety, educational opportunities, and robust infrastructure. Transitioning from law enforcement, he said he found solace in Lentus, often regarding it as a “hidden gem” in the community. “I have made many contacts and friends throughout both of my careers in this community, and I truly enjoy raising my family here,” he said.

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