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Lotte Aluminium Materials USA CEO EunSeong Chang looks forward to working with local community

EunSeong Chang, CEO of Lotte Aluminium Materials USA, embarks on an ambitious journey

with the establishment of a cutting-edge aluminum foil manufacturing plant in Elizabethtown’s T.J. Patterson Industrial Park. This significant endeavor, scheduled to commence operations in 2025, involves a substantial investment of $451 million, promising to generate 122 full-time job opportunities. The manufacturing facility is made possible through a venture between LOTTE Aluminium and LOTTE Chemical, both of which are subsidiaries of the South Korea-based LOTTE Group.

Chang’s strategic vision revolves around fostering a business that bolsters the U.S. battery industry, particularly contributing cathode foil—a vital component in electric vehicle (EV) batteries, aligning with the upswing in EV battery production, both regionally and nationally.

“I’m proud of contributing to the renewable energy system for future generations,” Chang said. The foundation of Lotte Aluminium Materials USA in May 2022 marked a pivotal moment in Chang’s career, leveraging 26 years of multifaceted experience within Lotte Aluminium across diverse domains such as sales, procurement, finance and


Having recently relocated to Elizabethtown, Chang admitted feeling nervous initially, as it marked his and his family’s first experience living outside South Korea. Nevertheless, he expressed gratitude for the warm reception and kindness exhibited by the community. He said he eagerly anticipates contributing to the area by helping to usher in fresh opportunities and growth.“We will be growing with the people in Elizabethtown together,” he said.

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