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Making every dollar count when giving back to the community: Structured Giving

Giving back is always based in good intentions, but did you know there are ways to stretch your dollars? Jim Owen of Owen LaRue Financial Group wrote a piece for us on making the most of your charitable contributions this holiday season. Read on to learn more and make the most of how you give back.

Thank you for your charitable giving and philanthropic heart. Your gifts significantly impact our community and make this a better place to live! With that said:

Would you like to better direct your gifts to the causes you hold closest to your heart?

Can your gifts have a more significant impact if you plan it out in advance?

Is it hard for you to say “No”?

Does it feel like every organization has your number?

Would you like to maximize your gifts now and in the future?

Did you answer yes to any of the questions above? Perhaps it is time to create a philanthropic plan that follows your direction, your passion. Structured giving can help you establish a process and a roadmap for both now and in the future—a plan for now, years to come, and when we are no longer here. You can take back control of how, why, when, and where your gifts provide to your community.

There are many ways to set up a structured giving plan or often called “planned giving.” One of the first places to start is to identify what is important to you. That is usually followed by how one donates. You can work with many professionals to help you with this aspect. Proper planning in this area can significantly impact both the size of the gift and the benefit to the giver.

Efficient gift-giving is beneficial to both you and those receiving the gift. Some examples of gifts that differ from outright cash are appreciated stocks, real estate, artwork, personal property, life insurance, and retirement plans. These items can potentially provide a tax benefit different from a cash gift.

To learn more about improving the impact of your gift and to create a plan that doesn’t have you starting over each year, contact your financial planning professional to get started.

Again, thank you for building a better community!

Jim Owen CRPC©

Financial Advisor

Are you involved with any local non-profits? One of the best ways to inspire others to give is to share when you give back. We would love to see how you're giving back to the community. Tag us on Instagram at @ElizabethtownLifestyle! Follow on your favorite social sites: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. In addition, you can tag us in your Instagram posts (#elizabethtownlifestyle)! As always, thanks so much for joining us on the blog!

Cheers to Giving Back Hardin County,

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