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Mood Board 101 with Courtney Ballard

It's still 2020, and we're breaking all the rules. Really though, we're sharing a blog post straight out of January 2021—Issue 6 that is. The magazine may not release until late next week, but we're working with time-sensitive content. Mood Board 101 just might be my favorite feature in the next issue of Elizabethtown Lifestyle. Making a mood board involves magazines—one of my true passions—plus scissors, tacks or glue, lots of fun accents and a little bit of creativity. Read on for your Mood Board how-to from artistic genius Courtney Ballard herself perfect to bring your 2021 goals and dreams into fruition.


Old/New Magazines

Printed Pinterest Inspiration

Fun + Inspiring Accents

Tacks, Pins, Glue, Washi Tape



It’s time to start planning for 2021. A fun alternative to the traditional to-do list style New Year’s Resolutions is a mood or vision board packed full of inspiration. Break out your scissors and fav magazines — Courtney Ballard is sharing her tips for a beautiful and inspiring mood board made to motivate.

The one rule for creating a mood board is that there are no rules! Sheets of cork, a bulletin board, a wire grid, or a series of favorite images taped right to your wall with some washi are all great options when getting started. I love the look of oriented strand board with its funky texture, too. Choose photos, printed images, magazine and/or newspaper cutouts, catalog pages, special quotes, handwritten notes, personal mementos , etc. Everyone is different so every mood board should be as well!

Your board could focus on personal goals, professional aspirations, and truly whatever makes you happy. It can be wild and lively or restrained and organized. Remember! Focus on how you want to feel, not just on things that you want. The goal is to inspire your mind and spirit in this brand new year! So cut, paste, tape and pin your hearts out. Add and replace things as time passes to keep your board fresh and relevant. Here’s to envisioning a positive, happy, productive, beautiful 2021, friends!

Cheers to the new year! xo


Show me your Mood Board?! Seriously though. I love love love learning about what others have planned for a new year. Sending all the good 2021 vibes your way. Tag us on Instagram at @ElizabethtownLifestyle! Follow on your favorite social sites: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. In addition, you can tag us in your Instagram posts (#elizabethtownlifestyle)! As always, thanks so much for joining us on the blog!

Happy New Year Elizabethtown,

Courtney Ballard is an illustrator, designer, and muralist happily living and working in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Largely influenced by a background in graphic art, she finds inspiration in color, shape, pattern, and texture. Exploring these classic themes, she seeks to create art that uplifts and engages the world around her. Drawing from a passion for typography, everyday life, and just about anything that catches her eye and makes her think, Courtney’s work presents a balance of playfulness and precision, quirky and classic.

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