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Marvelous Mother's Day in ETown

Mother's Day is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to show your Mom and other special mothers in your life just how much you care. Moms work hard year-round making the lives of their children and loved ones better. Here is a short history lesson on Mother's Day and a sampling of some of the finest local shops, boutiques and businesses perfect to treat the Mom you love in ETown this Sunday.

A Brief History of Mother's Day in case you're curious

The official Mother’s Day holiday arose in the 1900s as a result of the efforts of Anna Jarvis, daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis. Following her mother’s 1905 death, Anna Jarvis conceived of Mother’s Day as a way of honoring the sacrifices mothers made for their children. After gaining financial backing from a Philadelphia department store owner named John Wanamaker, in May 1908 she organized the first official Mother’s Day celebration at a Methodist church in Grafton, West Virginia. That same day also saw thousands of people attend a Mother’s Day event at one of Wanamaker’s retail stores in Philadelphia.

Following the success of her first Mother’s Day, Jarvis—who remained unmarried and childless her whole life—resolved to see her holiday added to the national calendar. Arguing that American holidays were biased toward male achievements, she started a massive letter writing campaign to newspapers and prominent politicians urging the adoption of a special day honoring motherhood.

By 1912 many states, towns and churches had adopted Mother’s Day as an annual holiday, and Jarvis had established the Mother’s Day International Association to help promote her cause. Her persistence paid off in 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson signed a measure officially establishing the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.

Special thanks/credit to History for this background info. Mother's Day is still to this day one of the only holidays that truly celebrates women.

FINE House & Garden

FINE is the Elizabethtown area's purveyor of tailored and collected home goods and gifts. Sourced with a careful eye and a focus on the timeless, their inventory is built around the concepts of modern, traditional, collected and intended for those who seek the same. With a collection ranging from small hostess gifts to larger furniture pieces that fill a room, their wares offer you a gift to yourself or a loved one that provides joy and fruitful conversation, whether over the dining table or while burning a FINE candle. Owners Ange and Glenn Deaton opened the store in 2017 and FINE embodies everything a family-owned business stands for.

“Modern. Traditional. Collected. A compilation of purposefully-sourced pieces that will fit any space. ”

Perfect for Mother's Day

Candles, bath bombs, beach totes and more. FINE has an amazing selection of gifts for all of the mothers in your life. I especially love the paint by number florals and puzzles because gifts are wonderful, but spending time with your mother is priceless.



Mon–Sat, 10–6p


NTouch Salon & Spa

Words from NTouch: Our mission at Ntouch Salon Spa and Wellness is to be Ntouch with our guests needs and provide the ultimate experience through a peaceful and nurturing environment with a kind and committed team who works together to provide excellence. We take pride in having a team-oriented culture at Ntouch. Our team works together to give every one of our guests the ultimate experience, making them feel like they are our ONLY guest. We have regular team-building events to keep our team members feeling more like a family. We are committed to providing a consistent level of service to our guests at all times. Our guests have great confidence in our team because they know that we keep our team members involved in continuing their education and they are always receiving the best service possible. We encourage each team member to be the best in their industry and we are committed to assisting in professional development.

“Step in, sit, relax. We'll take care of everything and leave you feeling fabulous. ”

Perfect for Mother's Day

NTouch has some special things planned this week May 6-11: 10% OFF All Gift Cards, FREE Mini Paddle Brush with any liter size retail purchase and FREE Trial Size Cherry Almond Hand & Body Wash and Lotion with purchase of a Shampure Candle.


Mon, 8:30- 5:30p Tues-Thurs, 8-9p Fri, 8-6p Sat, 8-5:30p 270.982.1221

Raiment + Boon

Words from Raiment + Boon: Raiment + Boon was born from the idea that great style begins with a thoughtfully curated closet full of timeless pieces that can be mixed and layered with style and confidence. More than our merchandise, R+B is defined by the kind, eclectic, supportive community it serves. We aim to inspire and connect with our customers, providing an authentic shopping experience for all women.

“A focus on all things cool and classic.”

Perfect for Mother's Day

Pretty much everything. Raiment & Boon carries lovely clothes for classy women, every-day Liverpool jeans/shorts, a great selection of summery shoes and handbags plus the coolest cards for new moms. They also have a variety of timeless, sustainable pieces good for the environment and humankind.


Tues-Wed, 11-4p

Thurs-Sat, 11-6p


Ali's Bubblegum Boutique

Founded by Allison Coffey, Ali's Bubblegum Boutique is conveniently located in downtown Elizabethtown. With friendly, helpful staff and everything from sweet dresses and tops to shoes, jewelry and hats, Ali's is sure to have something you'll love.

"Welcome to Ali's Bubblegum Boutique! We specialize in women's boutique clothing items and accessories. Stop in and see us soon!"

Perfect for Mother's Day

Ali's Bubblegum Boutique has a fun collection of clothing, jewelry and dresses for Moms. Whether you choose something for Mom yourself or maybe take her out for a day of shopping, be sure to stop by Ali's this Mother's Day.

110 N. MAIN ST.


Mon-Fri, 10-6p

Sat, 10-4p 270.234.0065

THE mud honey's

The Mud Honey's, starting as an online boutique, was founded by fashionista, Chelsee Nall, in November of 2016. Being a full time working mother, Chelsee struggled finding casual, trendy clothing that fit her hectic lifestyle. And so The Mud Honey's was born, built upon offering affordable comfortable but still stylish fashion to young (you’re only as old as you feel 😉) women who want to look their best with no restrictions.

“You're only as old as you feel. Make Mom feel young with our comfortable, stylish clothing. ”

Perfect for Mother's Day

The Mud Honey's carries options for every mother whether your Mom is more the t-shirt type or she likes to dress up and look cute every day. Also perfect for new moms: Boho Bandeaus to keep their hair in check even if it may have been a few days between washes.



Mon-Fri, 11-6p

Sat, 10-4p


KARMA Yoga & Hot Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to discover the inner you, as you relax, strengthen and become more flexible to harmony and peace. The instructors at KARMA are Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers, providing instruction based on the alignment and structure of the poses to meet the needs of YOUR body. They now offer hot yoga and warm yoga in their new studio located in downtown Elizabethtown. It's a style of yoga performed in hot and humid conditions. It's a stimulating and cleansing practice which will leave you rejuvenated and cleansed. Bring a mat if you have one - Wear comfortable clothes you can move in - Bring a good attitude open heart and mind!

“You don’t have to be flexible to do Yoga! You don’t have to be strong to do Yoga! All you have to do is try, honor what your body is able to do in the moment and give Yoga a chance to change your body and mind.”

Perfect for Mother's Day

Relaxation and wellness are things every mom needs. KARMA is currently offering 30 Days of Unlimited Classes for $50 for new members AND 10% OFF All Gift Cards. Give your Mom the gift of yoga! BONUS GIFT: Paint with Mom! Saturday, May 11 1:00pm-3:00pm you can bring your Mom to KARMA to paint wine glasses with a lotus pattern. Age 13 and up; $35 for members, $40 for non-members. Sign up here.


Mon-Fri, 8:30-1p & 4:30p-8p Sat, 8:30-1p Sun, 8-1p & 4-6p



Words from the owners of Denizen: Hey there! We are Olivia & Catherine and we’re glad you’re here! We’re just two sisters with hearts for our homes, our communities, & the people who inhabit them. What started as a little shop has grown into an effort to bring beauty and joy to everything around us. With goods to fill your home, gifts to share with your friends, events to cultivate friendships & learn skills, and services to help you complete your space or perfect your big day, we truly want to bring you the best quality while growing incredible relationships. Let’s be friends?!

"By our own definition, Denizen is a place to come to be inspired, to feel welcomed, to be loved and to achieve the dreams and vision you have for your life in the places you inhabit. "

Perfect for Mother's Day

Plants galore! It's no secret that Denizen carries the coolest plants and plant accessories in town. In addition to boutique clothing and gift items, Denizen offers Bloom Box Subscriptions! What is this you ask? Pretty much you can give your Mom the gift of flowers year round for as little as $35 per month and have flowers delivered right to her door. Order Bloom Boxes and other beautiful arrangements on the website link below.


Tues-Sat, 11-6p

Sun, 12-4p


That Cute Little Shop

All the brands that Moms love: Lilly Pulitzer, Barbara Erickson, Gretchen Scott, Jude Connally, Southern Frock, Vera Bradley, Kate Spade and Elf Shoes are available at That Cute Little Shop in Elizabethtown. Monogram Everything is our style at That Cute Little Shop. Monogrammed t-shirts to monogrammed duck boots are just a few of the things we make here. We can monogram handbags, baby items, totes, luggage, clothing, hats, beach towels and more. If you've got it, we can monogram it! Monogramming is available on a variety of bright pieces from bags to blankets and so much more; ordering at least two weeks out guarantees completion by holidays and birthdays.

"If at first you don't succeed, do it the way your mother told you to."

Perfect for Mother's Day

Clothing, candles, shoes, jewelry, stationery and even candles... That Cute Little Shop has it all. Not sure what Mom wants for Mother's Day? A gift card from That Cute Little Shop will allow your Mom and any special ladies in your life to choose the perfect gift for themselves. They can even order online.

1612 RING RD. UNIT 104


Mon-Fri, 10-7p

Sat, 10-5p

Sun, 11-4p


Thanks so much to everyone for reading along with this week's blog post. If you don't already, check us out on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings with Elizabethtown Lifestyle and local community events.

Wishing all of the Moms a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY this Sunday!!

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