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Prize-Ribbon Winning Valentines by HIP South

Thanks for clicking on our blog post! With less than two weeks to V-Day, the pressure is on to create the cutest Valentines to make your little ones (and their classmates) feel extra special. The extra effort will be greatly appreciated on these Prize-Ribbon Winning Valentines from one of our faves: Courtney Ballard at HIP South.

Hello from HIP South! Who doesn’t love a holiday meant for showing everyone in your life how much they mean to you? Get out your DIY supplies, friends. It’s time to award your favorite people for all the reasons you think they’re the very best.


  • Colored Card Stock

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Bakers Twine

  • Colored Ribbons

  • Safety Pins

  • Hot Glue Gun

Step 1

Cut out a 3” by 6” rectangle from card stock. Then, cut out a 2” circle in a different color.

Step 2

Fold the rectangular card stock accordion-style, leaving a little extra paper at the beginning and end. The folds should end in the same direction they started.

Step 3

Scrunch your folded card stock and knot twine around the middle point of the card stock. Trim the extra twine.

Step 4

Using the midpoint as your guide, join the two opposite ends of the cardstock and tape as close to the edge as possible. This will form one half of a rosette. Repeat on the other side.

Step 5

Re-crease any folds that need more definition.

Step 6

Write/print a fun message onto your circle and hot glue it to the center of the rosette.

Step 7

Cut a piece of ribbon about 10” long and trim to create pointed ends. Loop the ribbon so that both ends face the same direction. Secure with hot glue, and then hot glue the ribbon to the back of the rosette.

Step 8

Secure with a safety pin to the back of the ribbon, and you’re all set!

Pair these cuties with candies…or a kiss on the cheek. Happy Valentine’s Day!! XO — COURTNEY BALLARD

Thanks again for reading along. Be sure to follow us on your favorite social sites: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to stay up-to-date on local events. If you are posting pictures of your super pretty presents, please tag us in your Instagram posts #elizabethtownlifestyle. This is truly the most magical time of year.

Happy Holidays Elizabethtown!

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