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RUNNING SOLES: Movement Can Transform Your Life

We could not be more hyped: 2021 is just around the corner. Many of us set goals to get healthy every year. Will Rivera, Owner Running Soles LLC, has you covered, and I'm not just talking about helping you into the hottest running shoes and socks on the market. Premium gear is available at Running Soles, but the ultra marathon runner and his family bring so much more to Elizabethtown with weekly running groups and a true active community. Movement can transform your life; read on for the story behind Running Soles and inspiration to reach your fitness goals. Photos by Sampley Brothers.

Running Soles began like many other adventures, with a dream and a not-too-sure vision of what the future might look like. It was a leap of faith. It was the start line of a long race, longer than any marathon.

Our family business extends much farther than the few of us that work here. Our sons have been a part of this mission. Our running group has gradually become an extension of that family.

Take Mary Rose, for instance. A mother who finds time for her morning jogs, and then takes her kids hiking in the afternoon so she can reach her miles and ambitions. Then there’s Kelly, a local law enforcement officer who reached his goals by finding friends that would take him on his runs (recently completing a 120-mile race through Florida, by the way). And people like Ariela and Dan Flory, a married couple who believe the best way to spend time with your significant other is 107 miles through the North Dakota Badlands.

We have no shortage of success stories that pass through our doors, whether it is a person’s first 5K race, or they want to push themselves to the limits of what a human being is physically capable of doing. Just by lacing up your shoes, getting out of your front door, and putting one foot in front of the other, you are already a success. We wholeheartedly believe in that philosophy, and spread it with anybody who comes to our shop.

We recently installed a mission statement on one of our windows facing the Historic Downtown Circle.

“We believe: Movement can transform your life. Celebrating health and fitness goals. Empowering others to be active. Moving together to build a healthier, happier community. And in giving back to the place that we call home.” Will Rivera, Owner Running Soles LLC & Ultra Marathon Runner

The difference in our mission statement from any other business or running group is we have just now installed it, 7 years after we built our shop and helped our first customers. We believe there is power in letting the culture that you create drive and create its own mission, organically, rather than the other way around. What this has done is allow our community to shape itself over time by sharpening itself mile after mile. We have learned through both triumph and failure, which is a powerful place to be coming from.

Our running group began as a Tuesday evening walking group and a Thursday evening running group during our first year of business. Slowly, the two ended up fusing, and we began offering three movement events per week—Tuesday and Thursday evenings, then Saturday mornings. People began bringing friends and coworkers, parents brought their kids, and some kids even brought their parents. We have had costumed runners during the holidays, first-time walkers, dogs on leashes, kids in strollers, and the occasional professional running legend grace our group. We hope to not only inspire new goals in already established runners but to have all people reestablish their love for movement. Our group is all about accountability, collaboration, and smiles.

For anybody interested in being a part of the group, the best part is it is completely (and always will be) free. All you have to do is show up, we will do the rest. We will have a route planned for you, cold water when you get back, coffee on those early Saturday mornings, and an open mind if you have any questions or just want to talk.

Our running family has even extended to local businesses, often partnering with Bourbon Barrel Tavern and Flywheel Brewing for a post-run “recovery” beer, Vibe for a hearty fruit bowl and cup of coffee, and Dewster’s when you’ve earned that guilt-free treat after a few hard miles.

We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm and Saturday mornings at 8 am, always in front of our shop at the benches. Bring yourself, bring your friends and family, bring your furry pets, and be ready to discover a whole new outlook on spending a little bit of time outside. Pushing yourself to new levels is addicting, we try to warn everybody.

Running Soles LLC is a specialty walking and running center located in

Elizabethtown Historic District at 16 Public Square, Elizabethtown.

Visit their website:

Facebook: RunningSolesLLC

Instagram: @EtownRunningSoles

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Get Moving Hardin County!

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