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  • Giselle Smith

Thinking you need a pool this summer? Us too. Here are some considerations from Dixie Yard Works.

You probably know that pools are perfect for backyard entertaining and relaxing, but did you know that Dixie Yard Works designs the most gorgeous pools in town? I had the pleasure of touring some magical backyards they've designed, installed, and maintained, including the one featured here (thanks local homeowners!). To help you decide whether a pool is right for your family, DYW helped us put together a list of considerations to research when planning out your backyard oasis. Read on to learn more. FOMO-inspiring photos by Susan Butterworth Photography.

Pool Considerations to Research:

Pool Maintenance

  • Circulation is key to cleanliness.  Running the pump/filter 10+ hours a day and also regularly backwashing and cleaning the filter is a must.

  • Clean your pool regularly!  Clean out the skimmer, scrub the waterline with a brush, and vacuum at minimum once a week.

  • Water testing is also very important. Things like pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels need to be monitored and adjusted on a regular basis.  You may hear people mention “pool shock”, which is a chemical that is added periodically as a boost for the regular chemicals.  It’s best to add shock in the evenings for maximum efficiency, then run the pump for 8+ hours for the best circulation of the chemical.

  • Create a regular maintenance schedule to easily keep track of your pool’s cleanings and treatments.

Chlorine vs. Saltwater

  • Installation costs are less for chlorine, mainly because the conversion unit is not needed.

  • Chlorine can have unhealthy effects; saltwater is easier on your skin, pool liner, and accessories, bathing suits, etc.

  • Chlorine pools CAN be converted to saltwater.

Pool Installation Considerations

  • Size, shape, style of your pool

  • Safety:  Covers, fencing

  • Accessories: Slide, diving or jump board, water spouts, sun ledges, jets, lighting

Dixie Yard Works provides the following services:

  • Construction - Outdoor structures like pavilions, pergolas, sunrooms, decks. 

  • Pools - Pool and spa installation, with surrounding patio areas. 

  • Hardscaping - Outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and fire pits, patios and pathways, retaining walls, flat concrete pours such as patios and driveways. 

  • Landscaping- Maintenance like weeding, trimming and mulching; new installations; drainage solutions. 

Design services by Dixie Yard Works are available for all areas. In addition, the retail store has annual and perennial flowers, as well as trees and shrubs only for our hardiness zone. They sell rocks and mulches for landscaping; also edgers, pavers, retaining wall block, flagstone, boulders, garden tools, decorative garden art, and more. Delivery options are also available for all products. Pool maintenance services not included.

Thanks again for reading along. Be sure to follow us on your favorite social sites: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to stay up-to-date on local happenings. If you are posting pictures of your backyard festivities or cocktails by the pool, I would love to live vicariously! Please tag us in your Instagram posts at #elizabethtownlifestyle.

Have a fabulous weekend Hardin County!

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